Thursday, March 19, 2009

looking the glass half full??

i'm taking an online real-age-test few hours ago.. the result shows that my real age is 16 years old.. duh! 
the second time i took the test... i'm 20! hmm... ye la.. usia meningkat seiring dengan kebijaksanaan... hahahah...

i've been told that worry and anxiety will eat up your age through your cells.. making you looks haggard and wringkling... ngeh3..
how did these 'garbage' keep bugging inside our head? the main factors could be the people around us... so my dear friends.... if someone's make you real sick in the stomach and really really really annoying you.. just keep telling yourself that he/she is sick jealous of your fabulous life. meaning that you have much more than you think you have. agree?? :P

always remember this...

someone's opinion of you does not have to becomes your reality.

happy breathing!!!